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Jumping At The Chance

Jun 5, 2024

Calling Braya Renewable Fuels’ Come by Chance Refinery a unique facility would be an understatement. Located on the island of Newfoundland, Canada, in a town called Come by Chance and situated on one of the few  deep water harbors in North America, there is a long list of factors that make the facility stand out…

“We have the ability to take various feedstocks, again because of our geographic location, [which is] kind of a corner of regular trade routes throughout the Atlantic Basin. [This includes] soybean oil, used cooking oil, tallow, other waste fats and distillers corn oil, and we bring them in by vessel … and ultimately run them through the facility to manufacture renewable diesel, and then load that diesel out to oceangoing vessels,” – Todd O’Malley, CEO of Braya

// Click to read the full article in Biodiesel Magazine

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