Portfolio Companies

Ocelot Energy Management is a midstream specialist providing total management services for assets and projects ranging from liquid and gas pipelines to complex processing plants, terminals and storage facilities.

Our partners and managers have extensive field experience, providing us a perspective that consistently aligns with our clients and their projects.


Blackbuck Resources (BBR) Designs, Builds, and Operates Water Infrastructure and provides services for the oil & gas industry. Our team is comprised of professionals with experience in water disposal & treatment, pipeline management, and oil & gas operations.

We focus on creating Practical, Effective, & Economical Solutions to the Energy and Industrial Sectors’ most challenging water applications.


Sentinel Midstream is headquartered in Dallas, TX offering first-class midstream solutions for crude oil gathering, storage, terminaling; and natural gas gathering, processing, and treating.  Sentinel’s management has a successful track record of unlocking value for customers by creating tailored commercial solutions.

Sentinel’s management core values run deep with a military foundation of loyalty, duty, respect, honor, and integrity.


Easton Energy is a Houston based midstream company focused on developing infrastructure assets that support the transportation, storage, and processing of natural gas liquids (NGL), refined products, and petrochemicals. Easton’s primary assets include liquid hydrocarbon salt cavern storage facilities at Markham, TX and approximately 416 miles of product distribution pipelines that connect key product markets along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast.


When you examine the commitment of the NAmerico Energy Holdings LLC leadership team, you will find that each managing partner has a stellar reputation, built by transacting business in the energy sector. We enjoy C-level relationships throughout the spectrum of companies involved in the areas in which we operate. We believe that only success will do, and only with the utmost integrity.


Cornerstone Midstream (“Cornerstone”) is a midstream service provider with operations in the Midland Basin. Cornerstone has partnered with a private producer in Andrews County, TX to build out a midstream system focused on natural gas gathering and processing as well as crude oil and water gathering.