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LF Bioenergy Partners with NY Dairy Farm Family On New Waste-to-Renewable Energy Project

Aug 15, 2023

South Dayton, NY – LF Bioenergy (LF) and Martin Energy Group (Martin) have commenced construction on a new anaerobic digester facility that will convert dairy farm manure into renewable natural gas (RNG). A key driver of the transition from fossil-based fuels to green energy, RNG is a local, renewable energy source used in transportation, manufacturing and heating.

RNG production on the family owned and operated host farm, Nobles Farms BD LLC, is expected to start in early 2024. Once the facility is operating, it will annually contribute a greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction equivalent to removing 1500 cars from the road.

The digester will reduce Nobles Farms’ carbon footprint, reduce odor, improve waste water quality and modernize its waste management system. LF has similar partnerships with other farmers in NY and multiple other states.

“The Nobles family’s vision focuses on expanding milk production to help nourish our communities while protecting natural resources and prioritizing the well-being of animals and workers,” said Cyn French, EVP of Feedstock and Marketing, LF. “By locating our anaerobic digesters on family dairy farms, we are helping to preserve them for future generations by providing a new revenue source, the low-carbon crop fertilizer that is a coproduct of RNG production and even fresh bedding for their herds.”

The RNG facility at Nobles Farms is part of the broader, global transition to green energy and the U.S. dairy farming community’s Net Zero Initiative. Recent data published by the RNG Coalition indicates there are currently 300 operational RNG facilities in the U.S. and Canada, with 178 additional RNG facilities under construction and another 303 facilities in planning stages. This means North America is on track to reach 750+ RNG facilities in the coming years, positioning our region to collectively realize the significant environmental and social benefits of methane capture and utilization.


About LF Bioenergy (

LF is an emerging leader in the development, construction and operation of renewable natural gas (RNG) production facilities on U.S. dairy farms. With a management team that combines leadership experience from the dairy, energy and agriculture industries and financial backing from Marathon Petroleum Corporation (NYSE:MPC) and Cresta Fund Management, LF partners with dairy farmers to ensure each project positively impacts the farm’s sustainability goals, operations and financial success.


For more information please contact:

LF Bioenergy
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EVP of Feedstock and Marketing


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